Our Location

Redman huntingWe are very excited about our hunt location. It is extremely diverse. With a 300-400 foot elevation drop within our hunt area, this is anything but flat land. This terrain lends itself perfectly to long distance glassing, spotting and stalking, but at the same time accommodates archery hunters with heavy cover, tree stand, and ground blind hunts.

This area has been in the family for over 100 years. Much of this land is unbroken native prairie, with the valley bottoms sown to alfalfa. North slopes are thick with stands of Aspen, Diamond Willow, Saskatoon and chokecherry bushes, wild rose and buck brush. Sloughs, ponds, dugouts, and natural springs dot the valley floors, surrounded by Black poplar (Cotton woods), red willow and marsh grass. South slopes are extremely steep. Prairie ridges cut with coulees full of silver willow, hawthorn, poplar and scrub. You will be thrilled with the location alone. Combine that with world class big game hunting and this is one hunt that you will not forget.

Redman Trophy Big Game Hunts

Kelly Readman
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North Battleford, Saskatchewan

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