About us

In 1905, Benjamin Bernard Readman came to North America, to follow his dream and settle a small part of the sparsley inhabited Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Formerly part of the North West Territories, Saskatchewan was then only 3 years old and required hard working, energetic men and women to set up homesteads, and earn a living off the land.

Today, over 100 years later, that same tract of land remains intact. Much of it still natural prairie, aspens, rugged hills, lakes and springs. Where Bison once roamed, left, and have once again returned.

caribou huntingThis land is now preserved, for you to enjoy. A lot like it was a century ago. Now the buffalo once again roll in the prairie, the majestic elk Bugle in the coulees and the wily whitetails glide through the aspens. It’s a paradise for the senses.

Come with us and hunt the hills and trails of the past and make your own history.

Hi, my name is Kelly Benjamin Readman. I am the great grandson of Benjamin Bernard Readman. One hundred years ago he scratched out a life on this very spot and called it home. Today, we are carrying on the family tradition.

I would like to invite you to come on out and enjoy world class hunting here at “Redman Trophy Big Game Hunts.” We have recently developed a small personalized hunt operation on this very unique site. We have worked hard to develop the ultimate hunt, combining the best habitat, trophy animals, first class accommodations, and experienced guides. Our goal is to provide a hunt that we would be happy to go on ourselves. We feel we’ve achieved that. The hunt area is vast, the hills and ridges replicate those of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The valleys are deep and lush with alfalfa. Lakes, ponds and natural fresh water springs dot the valley floor. Aspens grow strong in the low areas, while buck brush and wild berry bushes fill the draws and the ridges. Whitetail, muledeer, elk, moose, black bear, wolves, lynx and bald eagles have been sited in and around the immediate area. This is a natural haven which all animals love. We believe you will too.

hunting cabinOur focus is on “the hunt”, “the experience”. Our guides have that experience, with years and years of guiding, and in some cases even owning their own very successful outfitting operations. We are prepared to be with you throughout your hunt, sharing what we know to help you be successful. We don’t want you to simply harvest a great trophy, we want you to love every minute of the hunt, before and after. To us, it’s more then sending you home with a trophy, it’s about building some unforgettable memories to go along with that.

I have had many years experience as a professional guide including river hunts for the top end Canadian Moose, Boone and Crockett black bear, far north whitetail, as well as archery muledeer, elk, bison, wild boar, and waterfowl. Each of these species have taught me valuable lessons, as have each of the camps I have worked for. Over the years, I have learned how to run a successful hunt operation. Now I plan to use that experience to make your hunt fun, successful, and enjoyable.