Redman Trophy Big Game Hunts has combined the finest big game species with quality down home staff, and some of the most beautiful country you will find anywhere in Saskatchewan. Hunting game of this calibre is normally a life long endeavour with no certainties. We have considered this and have designed a hunt to help you capitalize on your limited time and opportunities on world class game. Everything you need to be successful is here. Our focus is natural habitat, above average game, and great service.

Redman huntingGuides
We have professional guides with you throughout your hunt. They will assist you with game selection and judging, calling, spotting, locating game, pictures, game retrieval, and anything you might need for your hunt.

Our Hunts run for 3 days, with one day either side for arriving to the camp and departuring from. We will spend a day picking you up from the airport and helping you get settled, and another day getting you back to meet your plane.

When you hunt with us, expect to be taken care of. We do the work, so you can relax and enjoy your hunt. We welcome all hunters and love to see spouses and children come along too.

Your hunt includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Accommodations in a fully modern lodge
  • Meals
  • Professional guide through the entire hunt
  • Retrieval of all game
  • Skinning/caping/scoring
  • Preparation of antlers and cape for taxidermist
  • Meat handling and transportation to abattoir
  • Administration of all necessary documentation for exporting your trophy back home to you

We have many options when it comes to the hunt. For the physically able, you may prefer to spot and stalk. You and your guide may choose to stealthily move up the valleys and ridges, glassing the small clearings and coulees, or stick to heavy cover and follow the trails or edges. Either way, you can expect to be able to walk new ground for days.

If you prefer or have a physical limitation, we can also assist your hunt with the use of ATV’s, UTV’s, snowmobiles, or vehicles. From a high spot, you will be able to see further than you can shoot, but still spend hours glassing and enjoying the whole countryside, taking time to wait and select a trophy that fits you!

In the mornings and evenings we can retire to a heated box blind, tree stand, or ground blind on the edge of an Alfalfa field, salt licks or travel corridors.

Early Season brings calling. The sounds of monster bull elk screaming in the distance. We will capitalize on this time of the season to just get out there and wind these big bulls up!! Enjoying every second as we move close for a shot.

Whitetail and will be feeding hard this time of year, building up for the November rut. We will focus on their food source and catch them coming and going from bedding areas to food sources. We will glass for Plains and Woods Bison at all times waiting for just the right moment to take down one of these monarchs. Once they are down they do not move easily, so location and timing is important.

caribou huntingMid Fall can be described as beautiful. The yellows, reds, and purple leaves paint the area. Vegetation begins to burn down from early frosts and the growth season comes to an end. Whitetail come into pre-rut and scrapes and rubs are plentiful. Food sources haven’t got quite the same appeal. Elk are still calling and whitetails are beginning to patrol and guard scape lines. We will have some fun messing with their minds and learning from their sign. Calling, again, can be deadly. Scents are very effective, as well as decoys and other tricks.

Late Season The terrain has changed. Leaves are down, vegetation has dried, snow conditions can be anywhere from a light peppering to a foot or more deep. The rut kicks in for deer. They are on the move both inside and outside of our hunt area. Tracking is much easier, as well as spotting game. The fresh snow brings a clean slate for us to read sign on. It’s a winter wonderland. Animals have gained their maximum amount of weight. Their capes are thick and heavy. Warm box blinds are often preferred, but not limited to, for an effective hunting method. Others hunters like to see, move around and observe. That’s fine too. We can pursue the style that fits you best.

Wild Boar Adventures Since 1994, We have been operating “Wild Boar Adventures” an exclusive wild boar hunting area, offering Saskatchewan’s Finest Wild Boar hunts. This is also an extremely rugged area tailor made for boar hunts. We offer day hunts or prebooked extended hunts exclusively for you and your hunting party. This is a primitive weapon location, all types of archery, cross bow, muzzleloader, shot gun with slugs, antique long arms welcome. These boars are a blast to hunt. Challenging, rewarding, exhilarating and just plain fun. All sizes available, from small meat animals to large trophy wall hangers. Upper weight ranges reach 400 plus pounds, and have tusks up to 4 inches long. Call us today and book your hunt.